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Our Vision

Open Hand Ministries, Inc. is a ministry of four churches, located in the inner city Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Garfield and East Liberty, committed to promoting justice in our communities through homeownership.

We serve our community by creating community with like-hearted organizations/individuals: urban and suburban churches, Community Development Corporations, lending agencies, expert trade skill professionals, funding organizations, & other local support agencies.

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What We Do

Work with local families to become “wealth-builders” through debt reduction, budgeting, saving, and investing, as they work to become mortgage-ready.

Rehabilitate vacant or abandoned properties within targeted areas, transforming them into safe, sound, energy-efficient, and affordable homes for our client families to purchase as investors.

Remain in supportive relationship with client families, helping them to develop skills related to homeownership, wealth-building, and life.

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Our Goals

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  • To help families become qualified for a mortgage
  • To educate about personal finance
  • To connect families who need affordable homes with homes in their neighborhood that can be rehabilitated and revitalized
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