A Home for the Holidays - And Every Day!

Wouldn't It Be Amazing...

...If everyone who wanted to be a homeowner could. Homeownership is a viable solution to the affordable housing crisis. We think homeownership is within reach of previously marginalized families.

What if the Churches in Pittsburgh worked together to create more homeownership opportunities? It takes just 300 churches to give $1,000 to create one house for purchase. Read more to see how your church can participate.

Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis

Time is of the essence to prepare families to be mortgage-ready and to simultaneously provide properties for them to purchase. As a general contractor, Open Hand Ministries rehabs houses from studs to beautiful and prepares families to qualify for mortgages. Our only limitation is seed money for construction.

OHM has helped 24 families become homeowners in 15 years. We can double or triple the number of families we can help with your help.

We are looking for 300 churches to partner with us. With a minimal investment of $1,000, $300,000 will be generated to rehab a home into a desirable residence where families can grow and thrive.

Our partnerships keep mortgages affordable at about 20% of take home pay so that homeownership is sustainable for the long term.

Volunteers Summer 2023

Equipping Disenfranchised People for Home Ownership

Open Hand Ministries families are hard-working. They commit approximately two years to do the necessary work to move from credit invisible, perhaps, to mortgage readiness.

They are surrounded by a team of support volunteers: mentors and/or meal-providers. This community meets twice each month for networking and to provide encouragement for prospective homeowners.

Construction volunteers give skilled and unskilled hours to our homes and save thousands of dollars. They add personality, detail and care to each rehab making an OHM home desirable spaces in which to live and raise families. Churches founded OHM and continue to be a large source of financial support. Community development organizations; banks; foundations and dedicated donors complete the "village" that makes Open Hand Ministries possible.

These partners are a huge part of our success. They keep costs minimized for our families.

How Your Church Can Help

Our request is simple: Will you help empower families to become home-owners in Pittsburgh with a donation of $1,000 or more? Be Amazing! Click here to sign up.

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