Corporate Sponsorships:
MORE than the Marathon

The Pittsburgh Marathon is THE fundraising event of the year for us; our families benefit from this support for our work all year long!

Sharon P, Program Participant

"I knew I wanted to purchase a home, and didn’t know how or where to start. OHM helped me learn how to clean up debt, save for a down payment and because of their program, I was able to actually purchase a home.  What a gift to realize more than ever we are stronger together."

Rev. Paul Roberts, Previous Board President

"We want to continue to help people build wealth through debt elimination, credit building, starting new businesses, home purchase or achieving educational goals, with an encouraging support team."

Akia W, Program Participant

"The biggest benefit that I’ve experienced from OHM, has to be in knowing that there is a community of people rooting for me to succeed, and actually being here and available for me to reach out to for help."

Wayne F. Younger, Executive Director

"We envision a future for our region that, in spite of current realities, is inclusive of traditionally marginalized communities, embraces community design with justice in mind, and seeks to empower Pittsburgh’s black community to pursue economic freedom."

Community Engagement

We believe in our community’s self-determination; it’s the guide we follow in helping to bring forward its true gifts. OHM and our partners are actively engaged neighbors, friends and a faith community. We look forward to meeting you at a volunteer opportunity soon. Together we can make an impact on the community. Reach out and volunteer!

Goal Setting Together

We recognize that people in this community have untapped knowledge, skills and potential. Through our Family Development TeamWorks program, we deliver high quality financial education workshops and classes focusing on the  pillars of financial literacy. We look forward to starting this journey with you and encourage you to apply.

A Home for All of Us

As we look toward the future, the challenges facing African Americans in Pittsburgh are numerous. We invest in those with whom we live, work, play and pray. We thank you for being our neighbor in this city we love. Help us transform Pittsburgh into a just home for all of us! Your financial support funds our work which helps qualified low income individuals move from surviving to thriving.

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